Headteacher:  Mrs WS Cathie
Deputy Headteacher: Ms K Newton (Teaching, Learning & Curriculum: Early Years Department Lead)
Assistant Headteacher: Mr K Robinson (Assessment & Intervention, ICT, NQT & ITT: Y1, 2 and 3 Department Lead)
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs L Gardner (Pastoral: safeguarding; designated safeguarding lead (DSL); Inclusion & SEND: Year 4, 5 and 6 Department Lead)

Business Manager: Mrs L Green (Finance, premises and school admin)

Mrs K Metcalfe (Maths) and Mrs J Roberts (English), Mrs T Fletcher (Phonics)


Nursery: 2 years – pre-school; Reception

2 Year Old Room: Mrs P Jones, Mrs J Elliott
Nursery: Mrs A Cudworth (ICT/Blogging Team) | Mrs G Bagratyan (Key Worker)
Reception: Ms J Warburton (PSHE Lead), Mrs V Baron / Ms K Newton (Deputy Headteacher)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs N Allison (PSHE Team), Mrs K Bellamy

Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3

Year 1: Mr S Hunter (RE Lead) | Mrs A  Andrews (DT lead)
Year 2: Mr C Travis (Music Lead), Mrs K Metcalfe (Maths Lead/ Pupil Premium and Sports Funding)
Year 3: Mrs J.Roberts (English Lead)/ Miss J Brady (Maths Team)
Intervention: Mr K Robinson (Assistant Headteacher),  Mrs D Myers (Art Lead), Mrs C Foster (Small Learning Community/ Creative Curriculum Team)/ Mrs T Fletcher (Creative Curriculum Team)
Teaching Assistants: Miss A Wright, Mrs R Cottom, Miss C Chaters, Mrs J Durkin, Mrs J Huby, Mrs D Lamb, Mrs A Grainey (Art Team), Mrs C Newman

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 

Year 4: Miss L Hill (History Lead), Miss A Monteith (NQT) 
Year 5: Miss G Ashton (RQT), Miss A Pendlebury (Maths Team)
Year 6: Mrs J Worden (Science Team), Mrs A Berry (Languages Lead)
Intervention: Miss J Smith (PE Lead), Mrs L Gardner (Assistant Headteacher), Mrs L Balmer (RE/ PPA)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Grounds, , Mrs M Barker, Mrs J Ashby-Dutton, Miss J Nurse, Mrs S Eddison, Mrs L Foster, Miss J Whittaker.
Pastoral Team:
Safeguarding Lead: Mrs S Arnold      Behaviour Lead: Miss B Craig
Behaviour Worker: Miss C Orrell       Attendance and Admissions: Mrs D Scully 

Nurture Teaching Assistant: Miss K Baron
Welfare Assistant: Ms N Burton


Office Team:
Admin Officer: Mrs R Rowe            Admin Assistant : Mrs C Bevan            Admin Assistant: Ms N Burton
Facilities Team:
Buildings: Mr S Blackburn
Domestic Staff: Miss S Sumner, Mrs Y McMahon, Miss J Walsh, Miss V Gaskell