Frequently Asked Questions

What time does my child start school and which entrance do they use? What time does school finish and where do I collect my child?

The details of their start and end times and points are listed in the table below. Please remember that the school gates are open for all pupils from 8:30am, please note, the entrance gates will not be opened before this time and pupils should be supervised by an adult. 

Due to the location of our school, and the continual traffic issues, the end of the day will have to be managed carefully. Therefore, we respectfully ask all parents to depart the immediate area as soon as you have picked up your children. Furthermore, if it is possible to park away from school or use alternative means of getting here, that would also help the situation considerably.

Year GroupStart TimeHome TimeCollection Point
Reception08:4515:15Nursery Entrance
Year 1 08:4515:15Year 1 Playground
Year 2 08:4515:15Year 2/3 Playground
Year 3 08:4515:15Year 2/3 Playground
Year 4 08:4515:15Y4, Y5 & Y6 Playground
Year 5 08:4515:15Y4, Y5 & Y6 Playground
Year 6 08:4515:15Y4, Y5 & Y6 Playground

What are the procedures for reporting absence?

Usual procedures for reporting absence are in place and must be adhered to.  If your child does not attend you must inform us by 9:00am on the day to explain why your child is off by calling the school office on (01942) 671442.

Does my child have to wear a school uniform?

Our Nursery pupils are not required to wear school uniform but can choose to, if they wish. It is a great way to get them used to school routines ready for when they start school in Reception.

All other pupils must be in full school uniform. All uniform must be clearly labelled with their name and class. We suggest that you purchase pens/ labels to do this so children do not mix uniforms.

What can the children have for lunch?

Lunches will be as usual, children have the option of bringing their own packed lunch or having a school dinner. To assist with admin we ask that children stay on their chosen food choice for the duration of a half term.  Please see the attached information regarding packed lunches.