Promoting British Values, PSHE SMSC & RSE    

Our government believes that, ‘British society is founded on fundamental values and principles, which all those living in the UK should respect and support. These values are reflected in the responsibilities, rights and privileges of being a British citizen or permanent resident of the UK. They are based on history and traditions and are protected by law, customs and expectations. There is no place in British society for extremism or intolerance.’  

The values we support are not unique to Britain and are shared by many people in the world represented by the diverse families at Leigh St Peter’s Primary School.  

We support the values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs and these are embedded within our curriculum. These values are found in our own school values.  

We plan assemblies and lessons, particularly in PSHE and RE, to teach the children about our values, respecting similarities and differences, tackling stereotypes and understanding why some people discriminate. We aim to empower children to have a voice and to stand up against discrimination, valuing equality, tolerance and mutual respect. The topics and lessons in the school’s curriculum are designed carefully and planned by teachers to provide a rich learning experience that will have a positive impact on pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  

Whilst focusing on all children developing good skills in English and Maths and all subjects, we ensure they experience extra-curricular clubs such as music, a variety of sports, the arts and outdoor learning. Visits are planned linking with the class topic to provide children with further understanding of the world they live in. We also link with other schools to take part in singing and sporting events. Competitions provide the opportunity for children to meet other children from different schools whilst experiencing the process of decision making and understanding rules and fairness. 


British Values and SMSC Overview


PSHE Scheme of Learning (by Year Group)

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