Our Thematic Curriculum 

Our Thematic curriculum is designed to cover the national curriculum objectives in a range of foundation and core subjects. The thematic approach covers: science, history, geography art & design and design technology. In each of the unit plans there is a driver subject which leads the unit. The intention of this style of curriculum is to ensure that our children experience a curriculum which is relatable to their everyday lives; ensuring that the children: ‘know more’, ‘remember more’ and are able to ‘do more’. 

Each subject within the thematic curriculum has a dedicated subject leader. 

Art & Design Subject Leader: Mrs D Myers

Design Technology Subject Leader: Mrs A Andrews

History Subject Leader: Miss L Hill 

Geography Subject Leader: Miss A Pendlebury

Science Subject Leader:  Mrs J Brady

Curriculum Maps (by Year Group) 

To be updated 

Overview of NC coverage (by Year Group)  (These are currently being reviewed)

To be updated