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Health Week – 5th July 2019



This week in health week year 3 have looked at different foods that are healthy and created a healthy sandwich. We carried out excersises and checked our pulse. Also we studied our teeth and how to look after them.

Romans 17th June

Year 3 have been investigating the different types of foods the Romans ate. The dried fruit was the favourite.

A Day in Court! Thursday 2nd May

Year3 have been investigating many suspects. (They have a few!)   Apparently someone has been into school and broken the Robot. Good questioning took place and really unerved the staff. You know who you are and year 3 are out to get YOU!  DN?…DNN…DNNNN.

A Greek Banquet – Wednesday 1st May

Children experienced a Greek Banquet whilst listening to Greek music. Children dressed in Greek clothing.

Reasoning – Wednesday20th March

Y3 are working hard on reasoning maths activities.

Soil experiment- Wednesday 6th March 2019

We carried out an experiment to see which soil was most effective for growing. We used Sandy soil, gravel and soil. Most soil and gravel plants grew the best therefore sandy soil is not the best soil for growing plants.

Visit to The Blue Planet Aquarium – Thursday 28th February 2019

Y3 really enjoyed their visit to Blue Planet today. They were very interested in learning about saving our coral reef by not throwing plastic. Their favourite part of the visit was the underwater travelator. They were amazed at the Sharks.

Wow- volcano- 7th February 2019

For our rocks and soils thematic we created a volcano as our wow moment. Children identified which volcano was the most effective.

Deeper Thinking Skills – Wednesday 18th January 2019

Children have used independent research to find out about Rock and Soils.

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