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Sports Relief Thursday 12th March 2020

Year 5 took part in ‘Blind Penalties’ to celebrate Sports Relief. We scored a fantastic 12/30 goals! We then got active in the classroom doing Zumba!

World Book Day – Thursday 5th March 2020

We celebrated World Book Day by up cycling our reading garden. We made flowers from tissue paper, apples to add to our tree and we researched our favourite authors and their books to decorate our flowers and bees. We then enjoyed a hot chocolate and cookies whilst reading our favourite books!

Life in the Freezer Topic

During our topic we have been comparing hot and cold climates. We have chosen two countries from around the world – one that has a hot climate and one that has a cold climate.

Life in the Freezer Topic

We have started our new topic called ‘Life in the Freezer’. We have enjoyed researching about warm and cold climates.

Free Yoga sessions

Come and join us for free sessions of Yoga and mindful relaxation. I have a  few people who come each week and say they feel completely relaxed.  It’s not hard to do, we carry out yoga moves that you feel are beneficial for you and your well being.  We look forward to seeing you soon! 🙏🏼😄

Children’s Mental Health Week.

This week in our Yoga class we have been concentrating on breath work to help regulate our feelings. Here are a couple of techniques.

Staff Wellbeing

Yoga and crystal singing bowls meditation, a wonderful feeling!

Epiphany – Thursday 24th January 2020

Gift of kindness – 19th December 2019


Roy Lichtenstein – 17th January 2020

In 5P we have been learning about the artist Roy Lichtenstein in our topic lessons. This week we recreated the method used by Lichtenstein call the Ben Day Dots. Here are some examples of our work.

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