Our curriculum aims to provide pupils with the essential knowledge to become educated citizens.  It helps to develop an appreciation of human creativity and achievement; as well as ignite a curiosity and interest for learning. 

The Teaching and Learning Policy reflects and explains how we teach the children at St Peter’s CE Primary School. Teaching & Learning Policy 2018-19

Early Years Yearly Overview

Before every new topic your child will bring home a topic web showing what they will be covering during that topic.  Additional information will be available on the class blogs with photos on.  Over the term you will be either invited into school for a class assembly or a parent enrichment session where the children will show you what they have been learning about.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview  |  Year 1 Curriculum Mind Maps
Year 2 Curriculum Overview  |  Year 2 Curriculum Mind Maps
Year 3 Curriculum Overview  |  Year 3 Curriculum Mind Maps
Year 4 Curriculum Overview  |  Year 4 Curriculum Mind Maps
Year 5 Curriculum Overview  |  Year 5 Curriculum Mind Maps
Year 6 Curriculum Overview  |  Year 6 Curriculum Mind Maps