2021 – 2022 School Improvement Plan


Leigh St Peter’s CE Primary School is a larger than average school.

Lower than average EAL population.

The % of FSM falls in the highest quintile for UK at 52.9% at the January 21 census. The disadvantaged % varies year on year with the highest at 77% in last year’s Year 3 and the lowest in Reception at 40%. 

The IDACI score indicates that we are in the more deprived of all schools grouping at 0.33 (National 0.21).  This shows that this school is one of the most deprived schools in Wigan based on the IDACI indicator and this difference is increasing.  Currently 95% of pupils are in the bottom 30% of deprivation (IDACI).  This compares to in Jan 2015 where 70% of pupils were in the bottom 30% of the most deprived.  

We have a higher than average SEN at 39%.

We currently have falling numbers due to the reduction in birth rate and high mobility out of area; this is affecting the school budget as we have surplus places.  We have yet to benefit from the new housing development. 


We want the pupils at Leigh St Peter’s to leave our school as confident Christians, responsible citizens and successful learners and with positive memories of their time here.


Due to the background of many pupils that attend our school we need to ensure that we focus heavily on pastoral care while supporting the academic needs of the pupils and families.

Our pastoral care needs to be the best it can be; nurturing individuals, showing compassion for all others, accepting of any differences and working closely with families.  

Our academic support needs to focus on early communication and language, reading and maths; and allow pupils to have experiences that would support the improvement of social mobility.

Priority 1: Metacognition and self-regulation

  • Teaching and learning strategies used in school teach pupils metacognition strategies
  • Pupils are able to organise their learning age appropriately.
  • Appropriate challenge and scaffolding is used to develop pupils self-regulated learning.

Priority 2: Early Intervention

  • To improve speech and language through the NELI programme
  • To create a consistent communication friendly environments consistently across the whole school.
  • Develop staffs understanding of the developmental process for speech and language.

Priority 3: Social and Emotional Learning

  • Pupils have a voice in their schooling.
  • Pupils are able to explain more confidently how they feel after being in crisis.
  • There is a clear and consistent approach to developing pupils MH&WB

Priority 4: Parental Engagement

  • There is a wide range of high quality communication with parents and carers.
  • Parents engagement in school has increased.
  • Parent and carers access a range of activities in school to support them and/or help with social mobility.

Priority 5: Leadership and Management

  • Teaching staff are actively involved in an area of the SIP

The school improvement plan was written following Pupil Premium Training  from the Blackpool Teaching School.  The plan uses Education Endowment Foundation Research evidence as the basis for the actions.  All teaching staff work within a priority team and support the senior leaders to make a whole school difference to the school community. These teams have been developed this year based on research from Johann Hari in his book Lost Connection and are to help promote good mental health and well-being for staff in school.


If you would like a detailed copy of the SIP please email enquiries@admin.leighsaintpeters.sch.wigan.uk