SCHOOL RISK ASSESSMENT (Revised Jan 21)  Risk-Assessment-COVID-19 reviewed March 2021 V7 (3.3.21)  


All children will be returning to school on the 8th March.  Most children will have been out of formal education for 2 terms in the last 12 months.  We therefore, need to make sure we get their return right for them and our parents.

Please use the links below to help you and your child.

Rebuild and Recover Information for schools and parents

Information for when children come home at the end of the day

End of day – further reading

Supporting your mental health

Psychological First Aid course


During this uncertain time, we have searched the internet to try and find some rescources that can support you during lockdown. Please see some useful documents/articles below: 

Surviving family life under lockdown

Speaking to your child about Coronavirus 

Preparing your child for secondary school

How to ease the transition to secondary school

How to cope with Tantrums: