SCHOOL RISK ASSESSMENT (Revised Jan 22)  Risk-Assessment-COVID-19 reviewed Sept 2020 V9 (17.1.22)  


All children are expected to attend full time.  If they have symptoms, they must get a PCR test.  We are asking all families to test children regularly, with a LFD, or if they feel unwell.  If they have a positive LFD test then they must isolate.  They can come out of isolation on Day 6 if they have a negative Day 5 and Day 6 LFD test.  They need to be 24 hours apart.  They can come back into school as soon as the second test is negative.  (Jan 22).  All other information can be found on the School Story on Dojo’s.

Please use the links below to help you and your child.

Rebuild and Recover Information for schools and parents

Information for when children come home at the end of the day

End of day – further reading

Supporting your mental health

Psychological First Aid course


During this uncertain time, we have searched the internet to try and find some rescources that can support you during lockdown. Please see some useful documents/articles below: 

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