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Sports Relief Thursday 12th March 2020

Year 5 took part in ‘Blind Penalties’ to celebrate Sports Relief. We scored a fantastic 12/30 goals! We then got active in the classroom doing Zumba!

World Book Day – Thursday 5th March 2020

We celebrated World Book Day by up cycling our reading garden. We made flowers from tissue paper, apples to add to our tree and we researched our favourite authors and their books to decorate our flowers and bees. We then enjoyed a hot chocolate and cookies whilst reading our favourite books!

Epiphany – Thursday 24th January 2020

Gift of kindness – 19th December 2019


Roy Lichtenstein – 17th January 2020

In 5P we have been learning about the artist Roy Lichtenstein in our topic lessons. This week we recreated the method used by Lichtenstein call the Ben Day Dots. Here are some examples of our work.

Lichtenstein – 26/11/2019

In school year 5 are currently learning about the artist Roy Lichtenstein who was an American pop artist during the 1960s.

Paintings that tie in with our myths and legends

 Paintings that tie in with myths and legends. 

In art we made some paintings about the day of the dead. The Day Of The Dead is a Mexican myth and legend about remembering people when they die. Once a year on the second of November, in Mexico there is a huge, colourful festival where family and friends gather to pray and remember their friends and family members who have died, this helps support their spiritual journey to the after life. They believe that when a person dies they go to a magical, bright land called the land of the remembered. 




In topic we have been doing about myths and legends. So in art we decided to do paintings that tie in with our topic work on myths and legends. We used bright, vibrant colours ,like they use in Mexico, to paint our background. Then we drew a skull and stuck it over the top. 

Parachuting our way through science! – Wednesday 8th May 2019

On Wednesday afternoon, 5P got practical in Science when investigating air resistance.

The challenge: They were asked by a parachuting company to trial different materials to find out which one would be best to use for their new parachute.

The investigation: In pairs they had to make their own parachute out of various different materials and test which created the safest and slowest landing.

The result: They found that small plastic bags were best because they filled up with air which caused them to slow down.


Galileo Galileo would be impressed!

Wednesday 8th May 2019.

This week Year 5 have made parachutes to test air resistance. 

Friday 3rd May 2019

This half term Year 5 are looking at different forces. This week they have investigated water resistance. 

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