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Letters to Santa! – Thursday 4th December 2019

In SLC we have enjoyed writing letters to Santa. We can’t wait to get our replies!

The Day the Crayons Quit – Wednesday 13th November 2019



We have been reading The Day the Crayons Quit. We used inference to decide how the crayons were feeling. As a group we discussed which crayon was the unhappiest and which crayon was the happiest. We thought Beige crayon was the unhappiest. Do you agree?

Non-Chronological Reports – Thursday 2nd October 2019



We are learning about non-chronological reports. We have enjoyed finding non-fiction texts that we can use to gather information for our non-chronological reports.

Shape Poems – Monday 11th February 2019


In SLC we have been learning about shape poems. We explored the theme of winter to generate vocabulary for our poems. We had great fun playing with the snow and ice!

Fables – Wednesday 9th January 2019


We are learning about Fables in our English topic. We read a selection of them and then retold our favourites through role play. Can you guess which Fables we were acting out?

Letters to Santa – Thursday 6th December 2018


As part of our English we a have been learning about letter writing. We enjoyed writing letters to Santa. We can’t wait for our replies!





Anti-Bullying Week – Friday 16th November 2018



We have been joining in with lots of activities for Anti-Bullying week. We recognised that we are all different and we should respect our differences. We made a pledge to agree we will all be kind to each other.

Decorating Biscuits – Friday 19th October 2018



In Nurture, we enjoyed decorating biscuits. Yummy!


I wish, I wish, I wish… – Monday 1st October 2018


We have been reading a selection of folk tales and thinking about the common features of these. We thought of our own wishes and made wish stars.


There’s Only One You – Wednesday 18th July 2018



This week the children in Nurture and SLC have been thinking about how we are all special because of our differences. We read the story There’s Only One You By Linda Kranz and discussed and compared each of our qualities. We each said something that we bring to this world to make it a better place, one of our qualities and a quality of a friend. We then designed a fish with it’s own pattern to show we are all individuals.

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