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Friday 27th September 2019 – Making a Race Car

Health Week – 5th July 2019



This week in health week year 3 have looked at different foods that are healthy and created a healthy sandwich. We carried out excersises and checked our pulse. Also we studied our teeth and how to look after them.

Kenyon Hall Farm

We had a lovely day at Kenyon Hall Farm. I hope you all enjoyed eating your strawberries.

Romans 17th June

Year 3 have been investigating the different types of foods the Romans ate. The dried fruit was the favourite.

A sad day – Friday 14th June 2019

Today was a little bit sad in Y2 because the chicks have left us to go to their new home. We have loved every minute of having the chicks and it has been a wonderful experience for all the children. We are going to get updates and pictures from their new owners so we can check on their growth and we know the chicks will be very happy ??

The Fish Who Could Wish

In English we have read the story of ‘The Fish Who Could Wish’. We created an underwater collage to help us retell the story. Do you like them?

Chick update ?? – Friday 7th June 2019


The chicks have all hatched and we now have 10 little ones in Y2, they have been spending time with all the children. Keep checking the blog for chick updates ??

Welcome to Y2 little chicks ?? – Monday 3rd June 2019

The little chicks have arrived today! We are very excited to see how they hatch, grow and change over the next couple of weeks ☺️

Paintings that tie in with our myths and legends

 Paintings that tie in with myths and legends. 

In art we made some paintings about the day of the dead. The Day Of The Dead is a Mexican myth and legend about remembering people when they die. Once a year on the second of November, in Mexico there is a huge, colourful festival where family and friends gather to pray and remember their friends and family members who have died, this helps support their spiritual journey to the after life. They believe that when a person dies they go to a magical, bright land called the land of the remembered. 




In topic we have been doing about myths and legends. So in art we decided to do paintings that tie in with our topic work on myths and legends. We used bright, vibrant colours ,like they use in Mexico, to paint our background. Then we drew a skull and stuck it over the top. 


In our English we have been learning how to read and write words that have the suffix ‘ing’. Today we had a ‘King of ing’ who could read and write the most ‘ing’ words. Well done!

How many ‘ing’ words does your child know?


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