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Developing our skills using PowerPoint – Tuesday 1st May 2018



In class, we have been developing a range of skills using Microsoft PowerPoint. Some skills including, grouping images, creating animations and transitions and adding images from different sources.

Forces – Thursday 18th April 2018

In class we have been learning about forces. We learnt about, pushing, pulling, air resistance and water resistance.

Magic Minds – February 2018

Regularly, we do something called ‘Magic Minds’. You may be asking what is Magic Minds? Well, Miss Pendlebury (our wonderful teacher) gives us a piece of paper and we write about each of the magic minds. Eventually, when we are done, Miss asks someone to choose some of the best pieces of work to go on the wall. Quite frequently, mine gets chosen! – Seren

World Book Day – Thursday 1st March 2018

On the 1st March it was PJ day (World Book Day). We got to bring a teddy bear in and read with it #snuggle. We did a blind date book challenge and guess who won…Leyla! It was so fun and everybody loved it. I wish it was PJ day everyday! – Grace

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