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A sad day – Friday 14th June 2019

Today was a little bit sad in Y2 because the chicks have left us to go to their new home. We have loved every minute of having the chicks and it has been a wonderful experience for all the children. We are going to get updates and pictures from their new owners so we can check on their growth and we know the chicks will be very happy 🐥💛

Chick update 🐣🐥 – Friday 7th June 2019


The chicks have all hatched and we now have 10 little ones in Y2, they have been spending time with all the children. Keep checking the blog for chick updates 🐥💛

Welcome to Y2 little chicks 🐣🐥 – Monday 3rd June 2019

The little chicks have arrived today! We are very excited to see how they hatch, grow and change over the next couple of weeks ☺️

Deeper thinking – Wednesday 15th May 2019

As part of our current topic ‘Wild Things’ Y2 have been learning about the UK – How much can we remember during our deeper thinking task?

1st week done 👍🏻 – Friday 10th May 2019

Y2 have started their special work this week – so far so good 😁

Cricket 🏏 – Tuesday 12th March 2019

Every Tuesday morning Y2 go and play cricket in the hall. We have been learning the skills needed to play the game and work as a team 🙂

Lost cities – Wednesday 27th February 2019

Today we started our new topic – Lost cities. This topic is about one of our favourite things in the world… CHOCOLATE and of course the Aztec people who first created it ☺️🍫 For our first lesson we have been writing using Aztec symbols – it was quite tricky!


Shape week in Y2 – Tuesday 12th February 2019

Interesting reads in Y2 – Monday 28th January 2019

We have been looking at the author David Walliams for last few weeks, we have enjoyed reading his stories about the unusual adventures of his characters.

Making phones in Y2 – Thursday 17th January 2019

We have been learning about the invention of the telephone and how they have changed over time – they look very different now!

Using plastic cups and string we made our own telephones, we had to make the string pull very tight and then we could hear our friends through the cup. It was amazing 😊

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