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Our Aztec creations 19th March 2018

Y3 Recorder and Singing Concert

Year 3 have been learning to play the recorder and sing during their music lessons. This afternoon they performed in front of their family and friends.

Under the Sea


Year 3 are creating an underwater scene. Children will be able to use this scene to create a moving picture.

6D class assembly- Friday 2nd March

On Friday the children performed an assembly on the theme of Magic Minds. Each group created and did various activities which demonstrated their skill.

Can you remember the seven Cs for Magic Minds?

Under the Sea

Year 3 are studying under the sea. They have been creating an under the sea scene.

Our thematic work. Interactive poster.

Look at our fantastic interactive posters about the Rainforest. We all enjoyed learning about this interesting topic.

Creating Aztec masks – Wednesday 7th March 2018


Magic Minds – February

Regularly, we do something called ‘Magic Minds’. You may be asking what is Magic Minds? Well, Miss Pendlebury (our wonderful teacher) gives us a piece of paper and we write about each of the magic minds. Eventually, when we are done, Miss asks someone to choose some of the best pieces of work to go on the wall. Quite frequently, mine gets chosen! – Seren

World Book Day – Thursday 1st March 2018

On the 1st March it was PJ day (World Book Day). We got to bring a teddy bear in and read with it #snuggle. We did a blind date book challenge and guess who won…Leyla! It was so fun and everybody loved it. I wish it was PJ day everyday! – Grace

E-Safety Quizzes – Monday 5th March 2018


In Year 4, we have been learning how to stay safe online. We have been working together to create an e-safety quiz to showcase our knowledge of staying safe online.

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